Web Based Access

Reqqer can be accessed using a PC, kiosk, or any device that connects to the Internet. All you need is a web browser. There is no software to install and maintain. We take care of it for you.

Track and Prioritize Work Orders

Don’t let things fall through the cracks. All maintenance assignments are entered in one central system. Work orders are prioritized, and progress is tracked in the system. A work order can be easily created by anyone  using a PC, Kiosk or any device that can connect to the Internet.

Asset Management

Reqqer will track repairs for every asset. You will easily know how many repairs were made to any wheelchair, fire alarm system, boiler, etc. in your facility. Scan in your purchase orders and warranties in one place.  It will now be easy to decide whether to repair or replace any item.

Quick Response Customer Support

Our friendly customer support team will respond to your issues quickly. We provide initial training, configuration and ongoing customer support. Our training material is available to you 24/7 including a complete user manual and video tutorials.

Wireless & Paperless

Bury your notebooks, folders, logs and paper trails. Everything is now centralized in one system. Reports, dashboards, new work request, inspections are all easily entered or viewed using wireless devices connected to the Internet.  E-mail alerts and notifications keep your maintenance staff mobile and informed.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Schedule  maintenance and inspections, and ReQQer will automatically generate a work order for you.  Ensure that your facility is compliant with all safety regulations.  The work can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc.   No more paper calendar or log book.  It is all automated in the ReQQer system for you.

Role Based Access and Permissions 

Permissions are set up based on the position a user has while working on the system.  Maintenance directors, administrators, corporate users, general staff and vendors have access to the different functions and views in ReQQer.

Unlimited number of users

One low monthly fee for any number of users.  ReQQer allows you to setup as many users as you need so everyone can access the system.  Your entire staff can easily enter a new work request in ReQQer using a kiosk, PC, laptop, or any device.

Many more user friendly features 
Schedule a demo for your facility today.  Learn about the many features that make ReQQer a simple solution for your maintenance management.  We will show you how ReQQer can help your facility increase productivity and contain costs.  E-mail us at sales@reqqer.com.